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Fourth-year undergraduate student reading for a single-honours Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at Durham University, which included a year abroad at the University of Hong Kong.

Research interests include the intersections of ethics and politics, particularly the ethics of mass surveillance and the post-2008 legitimation crisis of liberal democratic capitalism.

Editor-in-Chief of Critique, the official journal of Durham’s Philosophy Society.

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Blogging about everything from philosophy and politics to travel.

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Visual Artist

Photographer: Founder and former President of Trevelyan College Event Photography.

Freelance Motion Graphics Designer and animator.

Videographer and film lover.

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High-performing Durham University philosophy undergraduate who is a logical, analytical and creative thinker. Proven ability for strategic, rigorous problem-solving honed through persuasive argumentation. Coupled with open-minded ambition – cultivated living in five countries, including studying and working in Hong Kong – is quick to adapt, welcoming challenges with a social and international outlook.

As a recipient of both the British Council’s prestigious Scholarship for Excellence (£3000) and Trevelyan College’s Greenwood Merit Scholarship (£400), clearly a student worth investing in.

Within Trevelyan College, impact was most felt through takeover of the struggling Event Photography Society: as President, successfully negotiated new compensation for photographers from the Treasury and later ratified the society. Single-handedly recruited, tripling the workforce, resulting in a fivefold increase in events covered. Meanwhile, procured freelance marketing clients to partly fund education. Notably, produced marketing video working alongside Senior Team at Mvine. Video used in pitches for subsequent clients including the NHS, BT and Transport for London. Most recently undertook marketing internship alongside studies in Hong Kong at McCann Health.

Finally, training as an Officer Cadet in the Royal Air Force instilled ability to handle responsibilities confidently and maturely. Four years of military leadership training cemented importance of effective time-management, as well as knowledge of when to empower and utilise team’s strengths. In short, a committed team-player who also knows how and when to take charge – as evidenced by graduation with merit from the highly selective Air Cadet Leadership Course and subsequent promotion to lead the RAF Section during final school year.