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Between 2014 and 2018 I read for a first-class single-honours Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at Durham University, which included a year abroad at the University of Hong Kong.

My research interests include the intersections of ethics and politics, particularly the ethics of mass surveillance, federated digital identity and the post-2008 legitimation crisis of liberal democratic capitalism.

From 2017 to 2018 I was the Editor-in-Chief of Critique, the official journal of Durham’s Philosophy Society.

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Blogging about everything from philosophy and politics to travel.

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Visual Artist

Photographer: Founder and former President of Trevelyan College Event Photography.

Freelance Motion Graphics Designer and animator.

Videographer and film lover.

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As a first-class graduate of Philosophy from Durham University, I am a logical, analytical and creative thinker with a proven aptitude for strategic problem-solving. Having lived in five countries, including studying and working in Hong Kong, I am open-minded and quick to adapt, welcoming challenges with a global outlook.

Whilst at Durham University, I received the British Council’s prestigious ‘Scholarship for Excellence’ (£3000) and Trevelyan College’s ‘Greenwood Merit Scholarship’ (£400).

Taking over the struggling Event Photography Society, I negotiated benefits for photographers from the Treasury and later ratified the society. Single-handedly recruiting, I tripled the workforce, which led to a fivefold increase in events covered.

I was later elected Editor-in-Chief of the journal Critique. Diversifying our content and redesigning the website resulted in over 1,250 journal downloads – a 2000% increase from the previous year. Editing a journal strengthened my writing abilities and challenged me with views that often diverged from my own.

In 2018/19 I will be reading for an MSc in Political Theory at the LSE. Researching the complex systems of politics will allow me to build upon my first-class (74%) undergraduate dissertation on the ethics of mass surveillance.

Beyond university, I freelance to partly fund my education. Most notably, marketing videos I produced for Mvine Ltd. have been used in pitches to clients including the NHS, BT and TfL. I also recently completed a six-month internship at McCann Health in Hong Kong, later being invited back for a further three-months at their subsidiary, Consulting at McCann Health, in London.

Finally, as a former Officer Cadet in the Royal Air Force, I confidently handle my responsibilities. Four years of leadership training taught me the importance of time-management and empowering my team – and I graduated with Merit from the selective Air Cadet Leadership Course.