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Smith, C. H. (2018). ‘The Tesla Problem: Trolleys, Proximity, and Duty’. Ephemeris, (5): 22-32. [Available online].

Smith, C. H. (2018). ‘Do Companies Treat Their Employees Merely as Means to Ends? Kantian business ethics and the case of workplace surveillance’. Dialectic, VXII (1):1-8. [Available online].

Smith, C. (2017). Orwellian Nationalism as the Liberal Democratic Convention. Critique, (4):31-39. [Available online]. 



  • Presented ‘Moral Surveillance? Democratic Discourse and the Habermasian Critique of Untargeted Mass Surveillance’ at the ‘LSE Undergraduate Political Review’ (2018, London)
  • Presented ‘The Tesla Problem: Trolleys, Proximity, and Duty’ at the ‘Southampton Undergraduate Philosophy Conference’ (2018, Southampton)
  • Presented ‘Orwellian Nationalism as the Liberal Democratic Convention’ at the ‘Durham Philosophy Society’s Undergraduate Conference’ (2017, Durham)
  • Attended ‘The Ethics and Politics of Online Interaction’ (2019, Oxford)
  • Attended ‘Privacy in the New Public Sphere, its Value and its Threats’ (2018, London)
  • Attended ‘Tracking People: Looking to the Future’ (2017, Leeds/London)
  • Attended ‘Worldwide Symposium and Roundtable on Confucian Political Philosophy’ (2017, HKU)

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