Visual Art

Motion graphics, 3D animation, photography and videography have consistently provided a reliable source of income and a creative outlet alongside my academic career. This page collects some of this work and serves as a portfolio.


Mvine Technology Ltd. Click through to read a detailed report on this commissioned work as it progressed (or just view the final videos below).

Motion Graphics, Short Films & Animation

I shoot on a Sony a65 with a variety of primes and zooms. Over the years I have also invested in steadycams, shoulder mounts and tripods to enable a high-quality ‘run-and-gun’ video shooting style.

Primarily, however, I produce visual work digitally, using programmes like Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop, as well as Maxon Cinema 4D, to create animated videos.

A selection of both sorts of content can be found below:


  • Client Work: Mvine Collaboration Marketing Video
  • Cinema 4D Experiment - Glass Shatter - Nitroblast
  • Analogue - Short Film
  • Teamvine Opener & Closer
  • Mvine Logo Opener & Closer
  • Short Film: 'Head Trip' by Charlie Harry Smith (17)
  • KajeFullRender2.mp4
  • Maggot Moon Render For Book.mp4
  • poolwiththestars.mp4
  • thunderskyrimrender.mp4
  • MW3 Top 5 Plays- Intro Animation - Cinema 4D
  • 402THUNDER402 intro - Cinema 4D and After Effects